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Renot Records is a small, creative, web design studio. We build websites for musicians, bands and solo-artists. I founded Renot Records for the simple reason that musicians tend to have a funky relationship with the web.

My goal is to make your project very simple & pleasant. I make it easy to keep in touch with the progress of the project, control the tasks, discuss ideas and send us feedback.

We are Re-thinking the idea of a record label, in fact, we are NOT a normal record label. We are a digital marketing and social media strategy consulting agency. We focus on building clear and user friendly websites.

I believe a website to be effective when the design is esthetically pleasing thus capturing the visitor’s initial interest. With our focus on creativity, attention to detail, we deliver a unique level of quality.

If you look at most beautifully designed websites, you’ll notice that they are often set apart not because of big things, but the little details that let you know the designer took great care and attention of even the smallest of things.

These small touches don’t need to be in your face to be powerful and effective; details can include a hairline stroke for additional depth, a faint gradient for more interesting surfaces, small icons for added visual appeal as well as to aid visual cognition, and so forth.

Renot Records has provided me with the best customer service and the most customized design. I would recomment Renot to any musicians looking to expand their web presence.
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